Slackathon 2008

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Welcome to this years Slackathon (swedish version), a bit later then usual but with the same enthusiasm as previous years.

The HTML-design is as poor as always, same place as last time, and your money is as welcome this time as last year!

The date you want to hilight in your calendar softwares, PDA's or smartphones is September 13th.

As the last time around, there will be no entrance fee and all profits made from the cafeteria and mechandise stand will be donated directly to OpenBSD/OpenSSH, all work during the event are volunteered. For those of you who want to, we will be serving dinner free of charge to all who have announced beforehand that they are coming. You can announce you're attending either directly to Janne Johansson or to the slackathon mailing list. Please do not forget to announce your attendance or otherwise we will not be able to supply enough food, other than that notice about your attendance is not necessary, although we do apreciate "I will be there!"-mails very much.

Previous events

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Pictures from Slackathon 2006 is here.
Some mpegs here and the result of donations 2006 in a static html page is here here.


This is where we will list the speakers and other activities as we find out about them:

What we already know is that: art@, thib@, oga@, miod@, reyk@, gilles@, maja@, tobias@, blambert@ and henning@ are interested in attending. Most of them have their plane tickets arranged for already.

12.00 The event starts!
13.00 Leif Johansson : "Identity federation and handling large amounts of identities with Open Source software"
14.00 Anders Petterson : "Development on embedded systems"
15.00 Kristaps Dzonsons : "Mult - Logical Resource Isolation for BSDs"
16.00 Thordur I. Bjornsson (thib@) - "The OpenBSD 4.4 Release"
17.00 Owain Ainsworth (oga@) - "Recent updates"
18.00 The Slackathon Dinner - Free for all that pre-announce they want it.
19.00 Peter Stuge : "Coreboot, from boot to prompt in less than 4 seconds"
20.00 Tobias Stoeckman (tobias@) : "OpenCVS: Keeping Track of Its Growth"
21.00 Reyk Floeter (reyk@) : "Recent advances in relayd"

We also provide a mailinglist which you can subscribe to slackathon (at) That's where you can announce that you are coming and that you would like dinner

Some companies and associations have already signed up, we are grateful for their help:

The following people are bringing you this event: