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Previous events

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Slackathon 2009 page here.

What is this all about?

Welcome to this years OpenBSD conference and fundraiser. As usual, there is no entrance fee. Everyone interrested in BSD, OpenSSH, unix development stuff is welcome to come by.
If you happen to want to see more OpenBSD development made, you can take this opportunity to donate directly to the project. If you want to buy a few blowfish t-shirts, OpenBSDEurope will have some of their merchandise with them.

Even if OpenBSD is given away for free, it doesn't mean it can be produced for free. Fantastic stuff happens on hackathons and your donations help make them happen.

Still, its also nice to have a common place to meet other OpenBSD users, supporters and developers. Listen to where your favourite OS is heading, whats about to appear in the next release, and what topics occupies other OpenBSD users minds.

For some reason, I get a lot of "Can I come? I'm not a software developer..", or "I am not contributing". Yes! You should come. Even if you only want to drop a few bucks in the donation box (for eternal fame or glory) and just want to hear where OpenBSD is heading, how free software works and gets developed.


This is where we will list the speakers and other activities as we find out about them:

Developers who are known now to attend are:
Thordur I Björnsson (thib), Janne Johansson (jj), Johan Mson Sourra (johan), Nicholas Marriot (nicm), Henning Brauer (henning), Paul Irofti (pirofti), Arthur Grabowski (art@), Anders Magnusson (ragge@), Peter Hessler (phessler@), Jonathan Gray (jsg@), Ariane van der Steldt (ariane@), Bret Lambert (blambert@)

On the wants-to-attend list are Owain Ainsworth (oga) , Alexander Hall (halex@)

The talks are between 30-45 minutes long, with space for Q&A and refilling your coffee mug in between, the times are when the talks start. All talks are in English.

12.00The event starts! Bring out your wallet and start todays first donations.
Thordur I Björnsson - Topic about I/O
Paul Irofti - The kernel side of compat_linux(8)
Nicholas Marriot - Tmux
Henning Brauer - 10 years of PF
15.00-15.20Coffee break
Ariane vad der Steldt - Virtual Memory stuff
Ariane van der Steldt - Odd 64-bit JIT behaviour
Anders Magnusson - PCC
Daniel Stenberg - On various SSL libraries.
18.00-19.00The Slackathon Dinner - Free for all that pre-announce they want it.
Magnus Sandberg - Robust DNS
Jonathan Gray - News in OpenBSD 5.0
Janne Johansson - Random topic

The order and times of the talks are not set yet, just posting the ones who will hold talks until we know for certain which order to hold them.

As with previous years there will be no entrance fee and dinner will be served for free to everyone, but I'd still need you to pre-announce (mail me) if you want food so I can make the correct amount, and also if you want the vegan version.